You & the Law - Fall 2022
  • Put patient safety first to reduce malpractice claims
  • Before giving, make sure the charity is legitimate
  • How to save on monthly Internet fees
  • Car warranty scams: Avoid being fooled by that call
  • New nutrition facts label helps you choose healthier food
You & the Law - Summer 2022
  • How companies keep dangerous products on the market
  • Hotter weather can be dangerous for older adults
  • Distracted driving kills, injures thousands each day
  • What to do if your online order never arrives
  • How to tell if someone is using your identity
You & the Law - Spring 2022
  • Contingency fees help ordinary citizens get justice
  • Maintaining your smoke detector can save your life
  • Caller ID spoofing: Don’t fall for it
  • FTC tells advertisers: No more fake product reviews
  • Wise lifestyle choices can help you manage arthritis
You & the Law - Fall 2021
  • Accountability spurs changes that save lives, reduce injuries
  • What to know about vehicle oil changes
  • Background reports may affect your ability to rent
  • Selecting the right fats to include in your diet
  • Avoid negative side effects of heavy technology use
You & the Law - Summer 2021
  • Lawsuits save lives by holding wrongdoers accountable
  • Other factors that may affect your car insurance rate
  • Planning for natural disasters during COVID-19
  • Are you healthy enough to age in place?
  • Look for a health app that protects sensitive information
You & the Law - Spring 2021
  • Limiting lawsuits not a big concern for small businesses
  • Know your rights when debt collectors text you
  • Preparation is key to bicycle safety
  • Change lifestyle habits to gain more energy
  • Floodwaters can present hidden dangers
You & the Law - Summer 2020
  • Why do your insurance rates go up?
  • How to protect your finances in emergencies, disasters
  • Is that medical discount plan really health insurance?
  • Your rights when your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed
  • Sudden hearing loss explained; what to do if you experience it
You & the Law - Spring 2020
  • Arbitration rulings more often favor businesses
  • Protect your home with the right insurance
  • Be aware of the dangers of vaping
  • What you should know before renting a car
  • Protect your data from online hackers
You & the Law - Fall 2019
  • Special Consumer Product Safety Act provision hides dangerous products
  • Don’t rely on these myths about airline prices
  • Stay calm during the holidays
  • Affordable options to payday loans
  • Tips to reduce sodium in your diet
You & the Law - Summer 2019
  • Education, skills, effort needed to become a lawyer
  • Watch for signs of concussion in children
  • Don’t let a rental scam spoil your vacation
  • What affects your credit score, and what doesn’t
  • Tips for college students when opening a bank account
You & the Law - Spring 2019
  • Private actions in the courts promote safety and responsibility
  • Dangers of tanning beds
  • Protect yourself from cell-phone account fraud
  • What to know before you have cataract surgery
  • Get the most from your credit card benefits
You & the Law - Summer 2018
  • When a computer decides your damages
  • Plan ahead to ensure a successful summer road trip
  • Lifestyle changes can help prevent a stroke
  • Is your smartphone draining your brain?
You & the Law - Spring 2018
  • Recovering insurance you’re due after a disaster
  • Tips on what you can do to lower your car insurance rates
  • Is a reverse mortgage a sound financial choice?
  • Fainting or dizziness not always cause for alarm
You & the Law - Fall 2017
  • How the United States selects federal judges
  • When reading the news, consider the source
  • A guide to hybrid cars
  • Study habits help reduce student stress
You & the Law - Summer 2017
  • Lawyers give back through pro bono legal services
  • Money-making schemes target seniors and veterans
  • Choosing the right generator for your home
  • Should you buy travel insurance?
You & the Law - Spring 2017
  • Your insurer’s duty to defend claims against you
  • When your mobile phone is used to stalk you
  • Be aware of hidden sources of caffeine
  • Is someone using your Social Security number?
You & the Law - Winter 2016
  • When do you need a lawyer?
  • How to be a smart online shopper
  • Spotting a charity scam
  • Your rights when buying prescription eyeglasses
You & the Law - Summer 2016
  • Facial recognition: Who’s watching you?
  • Safety precautions help protect children in or near the water
  • America elects a new president this fall
  • New identity theft protection and recovery program
You & the Law - Spring 2016
  • Forced arbitration: closing the courtroom door on consumers and small businesses
  • Daily aspirin therapy: Is it right for you?
  • Chip technology in your credit card
  • Are you and your 401(k) ready for retirement?
You & the Law - Fall 2014
  • Federal courts play key role in American society
  • Medical errors could be more common than you think
  • How well do you know common legal terms?
  • Should you have a medical power of attorney?
You & the Law - Summer 2014
  • How can I afford to hire an attorney to represent me?
  • Ready! Set! Vote! 2014 is an important election year
  • Pedestrian deaths up while other crash fatalities trend down
  • Should you disclose your social media passwords during a job interview?
  • Why does auto insurance cost so much?
You & the Law - Spring 2014
  • Anti-cyberbullying laws designed to protect children
  • Whistle-blowers play big role in bringing justice to wrongdoers
  • Avoid becoming a health-care fraud victim
  • Warm weather increases danger of leaving children in cars
  • ‘Do Not Call Registry’ ranks among favorite government programs
You & the Law - Summer 2013
  • Secret court settlements can hide dangerous products from consumers
  • Drug use is growing issue in crash deaths
  • Feds create ‘one-stop shop’ for learning about recalls
  • Goodbye to extra-loud TV ads
  • Warning issued on fake online drug deals
  • Checking your free credit report can pay off
You & the Law - Spring 2013
  • Ledbetter law helps employees fight wage discrimination
  • What’s next for the Affordable Care Act?
  • Knowing the law: What’s an administrative law judge?
  • Common myths about taxes
  • Watch out for fake lawyer scams on Internet
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