5 Reasons to Choose a Motorcycle as Your Primary Vehicle

Any vehicle has pros and cons to choosing it as your primary mode of transportation, but for many people, the pros of motorcycle ownership and use are rarely if ever discussed. In this document we will attempt to rectify that by sharing with you some unexpected positives of motorcycle use!

  1. Fuel efficiency – The benchmark for a very fuel efficient gasoline engine car is at or a little above 30 miles per gallon. The average fuel efficiency of a motorcycle is between 35-45 miles per gallon. Yes the fuel tank is generally smaller, but dollar for dollar you’re getting more miles for less money.
  2. It Counts as Exercise – Riding a motorcycle burns calories. It takes legitimate physical effort to hold a bike steady and upright and maneuver through turns and around obstructions. It’s not preparing you for a marathon, but you’re doing a lot more than someone driving a car.
  3. Joint Health – We all know that long car rides do absolutely no favors for your knees. However, riders with weak knees have been shown to gain range of motion, flexibility, and increased lubrication of the knee joints as a result of regular riding. Father Time is undefeated but you can definitely stay limber for longer on a motorcycle!
  4. Resale Value – Generally, automobiles lose around 50% of their value in the first 5 years after they’re sold. Even top value retainers like the Jeep Wrangler only retain about 73% of their original value. By comparison, certain Ducati and Harley-Davidson motorcycles over the same span had retained values of up over 80% and it’s not uncommon for motorcycles to retain better than 60% of their value in the first 5 years after purchase. Motorcycles then are a statistically more stable investment.
  5. Smaller Carbon Footprint – In general, motorcycles require fewer nonrenewable materials for production, maintenance, customization, fueling, and repair than cars and trucks, making them significantly more eco-friendly. Your pocketbook and your planet will both thank you for choosing a motorcycle over a traditional automobile.

Motorcycles continue to suffer for the “bad boy” perception around them, but there are many fiscally and personally responsible reasons to seriously consider motorcycle ownership. Freedom and the thrill of the ride are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pros of motorcycle ownership. Share this list with someone who has negative things to say about motorcycle ownership.

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